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Dan Van Severen


Dan Van Severen - CompositionDan Van Severen - CompositionDan Van Severen - Composition

Beautiful and characteristic work (etching) by Dan Van Severen. The work is signed, dated and numbered in pencil by the artist This is an edition on 'Z' copies, the work offered is 'H'. The artwork is in good condition. The abstract oeuvre of Dan Van Severen is described with terms such as geometric abstraction, formalism or minimalism. Characteristic is its spiritual, meditative, neo-sacral élan. Substantive complexity (an ultimate reality, a transcendent truth) arises through the reduction of the form. Van Severen only retains the essential. With this he makes a radical distinction between form and content. His works have a certain detachment with which he breaks any relationship with the viewer and himself. Simple geometric shapes (square, rectangle, diamond, circle and oval) determine his compositions. With their interplay of lines and colors that refer to each other, or the relationship between paper, ink and foreground and background, the works stand completely on their own. The viewer finds no point of contact and no rapprochement with the work of art. The substantive expectation is not fulfilled and the projected desires are blocked. Each work refers to the previous one, which ensures that the oeuvre has a great coherence. For example, Van Severen's later production can be recognized by the austere cross-shaped compositions, which are the result of a lifelong research into the square and the rectangle.


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