Past auctions

End date Auction
27/05/2024Premium may auction
29/04/2024Premium avril auction
28/04/2024April auction
31/03/2024Losing Focus - t.v.v. Blindengeleidehondenschool Genk
25/03/2024Premium march auction
24/03/2024March auction
11/03/2024Veiling t.v.v. ORKA (ouders van kinderen met reuma)
26/02/2024Premium february auction
25/02/2024February auction
29/01/2024Premium january auction
28/01/2024January auction
19/12/2023Premium december auction
18/12/2023December auction
15/12/2023Lebbeke houdt het warm 2023
27/11/2023November premium auction
26/11/2023November auction
30/10/2023Premium october auction
29/10/2023October auction 2023
12/10/2023Het Kunstuur - Sjarabang auction 5th exhibition Mechelen
25/09/2023Premium september auction
24/09/2023September auction
30/08/2023D'Haese auction august 2023
28/08/2023Premium august auction
27/08/2023August auction 2023
26/07/2023D'Haese auction july 2023
24/07/2023Premium july auction
23/07/2023July auction
17/07/2023Corneille auction
26/06/2023Premium june auction
25/06/2023June auction 2023
28/05/2023Premium may auction
27/05/2023May auction
20/05/2023Prints auction may 2023
23/04/2023Premium april auction
22/04/2023Prints auction april 2023
22/04/2023April auction
26/03/2023Pop-Art auction
26/03/2023Premium march auction
25/03/2023March auction
25/03/2023Pol Mara auction
28/02/2023Kom Op Tegen kanker - 100 km run - Stad Deinze
26/02/2023Premium february auction
25/02/2023February auction
12/02/2023Pentel Arts Challenge t.v.v. SOS Kinderdorpen (Belgium)
30/01/2023Raveel auction
29/01/2023January premium auction 2023
28/01/2023January auction 2023
27/01/2023Photo auction january 2023
18/12/2022De Armste Week
18/12/2022December premium auction
17/12/2022December auction
16/12/2022Sculptures auction
15/12/2022Banksy (after) editions
26/11/2022November premium auction
21/11/2022November auction
20/11/2022Jeff Koons (after) sculptures
19/11/2022Banksy (after) editions
23/10/2022October premium auction
17/10/2022October auction
09/10/2022Art Project HoofdZaak Rotary club Izegem
19/09/2022September auction
22/08/2022August auction
18/07/2022July auction
30/06/2022Minard Theatre Ghent
20/06/2022June auction
04/06/2022Rotaryclub Bilzen - Refugee aid
02/05/2022April auction 2022
31/03/2022Pentel Arts Challenge t.v.v. SOS Kinderdorpen (Ukraine)
21/03/2022March auction 2022
21/02/2022February auction 2022
24/01/2022January auction 2022
20/12/2021December auction 2021
06/12/2021Hulpfonds Fernand Cornelis - Heilige Familie Ieper
22/11/2021November auction 2021
25/10/2021October auction 2021
20/09/2021September auction 2021
19/07/2021July auction 2021
21/06/2021June auction 2021
24/05/2021 May auction 2021
19/04/2021April auction 2021
22/03/2021Christo Javacheff
01/03/2021February auction 2021
15/02/2021MS Liga - Veiling goed doel
25/01/2021January auction 2021
21/12/2020 December auction 2020
23/11/2020 November auction 2020
26/10/2020 October auction 2020
28/09/2020September auction 2020
27/07/2020July auction 2020
29/06/2020June auction 2020
25/05/2020 May auction 2020
23/03/2020 March auction 2020
24/02/2020February auction 2020
27/01/2020January auction 2020
18/12/2019 December auction
18/11/2019November auction 2019
21/10/2019October auction 2019
22/07/2019Summer auction 2019
24/06/2019Panamarenko curiosa
20/05/2019Collectie Ronny Van de Velde & extra
08/04/2019Spring auction modern art 2019
10/12/2018Autumn auction 2018 modern art
10/09/2018Zomerveiling moderne kunst
18/02/2018Veiling van vrijdag 18 februari 2018
16/02/2017Winterveiling 2017 moderne kunst
18/12/2016Herfstveiling 2016 moderne kunst

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