Organize an auction yourself

Organize an auction yourself

Would you like to use our auction platform to organize an auction yourself? Please contact us to discuss the options. Below you will find a brief description of the different formulas.

Organize auction for charity

We make our auction platform available free of charge if you wish to organize an auction for charity. To do this, a number of conditions must be met:

  • The entire proceeds including our auction costs are fully transferred to charity.
  • You take steps yourself for additional marketing with regard to this auction. E.g. Social media, circle of acquaintances, etc.
The only exception to the full transfer of the proceeds from the auction is the withholding of the legally required resale right of 4% for lots that are auctioned higher than € 2000.

Organize your own auction with the platform

  • You are responsible for uploading the lots and compiling the catalog.
  • You are responsible for marketing the auction
  • 5% commission on sales with a minimum invoice of 500&euros;
  • The condition is that you can demonstrate that you will make sufficient effort in the marketing area of the auction

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