Buying art at auction

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You must have an activated profile before you can participate in an active auction.You can create a profile by register and it is completely free. If you wish to place a bid of more than 5000 euros, we will also ask you for a copy of your identity card. After your profile has been approved and activated by us, you can log in, participate in the auction and, if desired, also offer something to be auctioned in a future auction.

Viewing Days

We try to collect as many of the offered lots as possible at our location.This makes it possible to view and inspect the lots before the end of the auction, either via the fixed viewing day of the auction, or separately by appointment.The time and location of the fixed viewing day is always stated at the top of the active auction. If you are registered in our mailing list, you will also be informed and invited in this way.

However, not all lots are available on the viewing day. A lot is available on the viewing day if the description states 'On viewing days: Yes'. Lots with the indication 'On viewing days: No' are still at the location of the seller and will not be present to view on the viewing day.


When the auction starts you can bid on your favorite lots.
Bids always go up by 5 to 10%.
In concrete terms:
between 1 euro 9 euro the amount increased by 1 euro each time.
between 10 euros 99 euros the amount is increased by 5 euros each time.
between 100 euros 199 euros the amount increased by 10 euros each time.
between 200 euros 499 euros the amount is increased by 20 euros each time.
between 500 euros 999 euros, the amount is increased by 50 euros each time.
between 1,000 euros 1,999 euros, the amount is increased by 100 euros each time.
between 2,000 euros 4,999 euros, the amount is increased by 200 euros each time.
between 5,000 euros 9,999 euros, the amount is increased by 500 euros each time.
between 10,000 euros 19,999 euros, the amount is increased by 1,000 euros each time.
between 20,000 euros 49,999 euros the amount increased each time by 2,000 euros.
between 50,000 euros 99,999 euros, the amount is increased by 5,000 euros each time.
between 100,000 euros 199,999 euros, the amount is increased by 10,000 euros each time.
between 200,000 euros 499,999 euros, the amount is increased by 20,000 euros each time.
from 500,000 euros the amount is increased by 50,000 euros each time.

The lots will be sold to the highest bidder at the end of the auction.The auction costs for the buyer amount to 15% of the hammer price, including VAT, if VAT is applied on the margin (art. 58, 4 W.VAT).

A resale right is also charged for works by artists from the countries that are member states of the European Unionand the countries outside the E.U. where the resale right applies according to the law, and that up to and including 70 years after the year of death of the artist, for lots with a hammer price of 2,000 euros or more.
The amount of the resale right is determined as follows:

  • 4% on the part of the sales price up to and including 50,000 euros;
  • 3% on the part of the sales price from EUR 50,000.01 up to and including EUR 200,000;
  • 1% on the part of the sales price from 200,000.01 euros to 350,000 euros;
  • 0.5% on the part of the sales price from EUR 350,000.01 up to and including EUR 500,000;
  • 0.25 % on the part of the sales price above 500,000 euros.
The maximum amount of the resale right may not exceed 12,500 euros.
(Law of December 4, 2006 and Royal Decree of August 2, 2007)


After the auction you will be kindly invited by email to fill in your shipping preferences online.After filling in, the total amount that you can transfer to the specified account number will appear. After receipt of payment you will receive a confirmation email.All payments must be paid within 5 days at the latest.The allocated lot will not pass into the possession of the buyer until the total purchase price (including costs and, if applicable, resale rights) has been paid.

In the event of non-payment of allocated lots, can:

  • to sue the buyer for breach of contract;
  • dissolve the sale of the lot and also those of other lots sold in the same and previous auctions;
  • provide the lot for sale again, immediately or at a later auction, any adverse difference in the subsequent sale price being to be paid by the mourner, without however being entitled to any bonus;
  • to transport, deposit and insure the lot at the expense of the mourner;
  • charge a compensation clause of 12% with a minimum of 175 euros;
  • interest to be charged of a maximum of 1.5% per month on the sales price;
  • withhold this and other lots assigned to the same buyer at the same and other auctions and release them only when the total amount due for all lots has been paid;
  • reject bids and disregard bids by and on behalf of the mourner in future auctions;
  • make all arrangements for compensation, if necessary by means of goods owned by the bereavement buyer that are in the possession of for whatever reason.

Pick up / Send

After receipt of your payment, you will be notified by email that the lot will be shipped or ready for collection.For lots that are picked up, you will receive the address and contact details where it can be picked up after payment. The city or municipality of collection is always stated in the lot description.

If you wish, you can have your won lot(s) collected at the aforementioned times or subject to prior arrangementby a transport company of your choice. In that case we need confirmation from the buyer that we are allowed to carry out the workgive it in.
From the moment of collection by the buyer or the transport company appointed for that purpose, does not bear any sole responsibility in case of damage or loss.
If you wish, we also offer a shipping option.
After allocation and before collection or shipment, the best care is provided for the assigned lots, but after the assignment, neither, nor anyone in its employ, shall be liable for any loss or damage. If after expiration of 15 working days the buyer has not come to collect the assigned objects or at least an appointment has not been made for thismade, may charge additional insurance and storage fees.

Sales Conditions

All lots are sold as they are at the time of allocation, with their errors and imperfections. Illustrations on our website are for identification purposes only. The buyers must identify themselves before the end to ascertain from the auction the condition of each lot, whether it is damaged or repaired, and examine for itself whether the lotcorresponds to the description.
The fact that the description would not refer to the condition of a lot does not mean that the object is in good conditionis in good condition or free from damage, defects or restorations.
Any statement on as to authorship, provenance, origin, age, attribution, quality and condition of any lot is only an opinion, not fact, and should not be taken as considered as such. Neither nor anyone in its employ has the authority to give anyguarantee in connection with a lot. therefore does not give any guarantee, not even an implied one, with regard to of the sold to the buyer. With regard to the liability of, all claims that the buyer could obtain on it is always limited to a maximum of the total amount of the amount actually paid by the buyeramount paid.
By entering into any association with us or attending an auction, viewing day or similar event, you accept the applicability of our terms of sale to all contacts you will have with us from that moment BV generally acts as agent of the seller. Any sale concluded results in a direct agreement between the buyer and seller.
We regard each bid as a preliminary sale agreement. At the close of the auction, the highest bid, equal to or above any reserve price, converted into a binding sales agreement.

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