Selling art at auction

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You must have an activated profile before you can list your lot.You can create a profile by register and it is completely free. When creating your profile, you will be asked for a copy of your identity card. Keep these handy. Your ID card will be used to verify that you are over 18 years old.After your profile has been approved and activated by us, you can log in, participate in the auction and, if desired, also offer something to be auctioned in a future auction.

Auction something yourself

Via the link 'Offer art for auction' you can offer your lots online to our auctioneers.Upon receipt, our auctioneers will assess your lots.If your lots are of good quality for our auction, you will receive an approval email.After our auctioneer has approved your lot, you will be asked to bring in your lot.Within the month your lot will be added to our next auction.

Approving a lot for auction does not imply any commitment on the part of with regard to the authenticity and condition of a work.

The seller has the option to specify a reserve price when returning a lot, this is a minimum price to which the lot can be sold. A limit once specified by the seller cannot be accepted without the approval of will be increased. If the limit is not reached at the auction, will have the admission to negotiate for private sale at the proposed limit and lot, as long as it is in stock and to be re-introduced in a later auction in consultation with the seller.

The seller is the owner or the person acting for or on behalf of him, or the possessor of the consignmentobject. If there are several owners, principals or persons in possession of the consignment goods given, acceptance of the present terms and conditions of sale by one of them constitutes acceptance by all and they are jointly and severally liable for all obligations, liabilities, guarantees and other provisions arising from the present conditions of sale arise.

  1. The seller guarantees to and the buyer that he is the true owner of the lot or duly the to have permission to sell the lot for the owner, and that there is no dispute about the rightful possession of the lotexists.
  2. The seller of a lot, which is not in the hands of or under its control at the time of the auctioncontrols, guarantees and takes all responsibility towards and the buyer that the lot will be availableare at the request of the buyer.
  3. The seller will reimburse and the buyer if by default for a and b these partieswas damaged.
  4. The seller indemnifies and its subordinates, as well as the buyer against all claims made by third partiesagainst the aforesaid, with regard to the goods offered for sale by the seller.
  5. The seller guarantees to and to the buyer that:
    • he is the owner of the goods on consignment, or has sufficient authorization from the owner to use the to be allowed to alienate and transfer ownership of the aforementioned goods.
    • he will provide with all known information regarding the origin of the goods and will notify in writing any concerns raised by third parties regarding the ownership, the condition and authenticity.
    • if the goods were brought into the European Union from a country that is not part of the EU., this happened subject to all applicable legal regulations and regulations.
    • there are no restrictions of intellectual property or otherwise with respect to the goods and no restrictions exist on the rights of, in order to use photos or other images of the reproduce goods.

Entry Viewing Day/Photo Service distinguishes itself from other online auction houses by organizing a fixed viewing day. On this viewing day, all lots are available with the indication 'On viewing days: Yes' in their description.

Bringing in your lot is not mandatory, but it is advantageous:
  • Our in-house photographer takes professional photos to present your lot as accurately and as realistically as possible.
  • Lots that are part of the viewing days invariably fetch better hammer prices.
  • If your submitted artwork is sold at our auction, we are responsible for arranging collection or shipping.

When you bring in your lots, you will always receive a consignment document, and your lot is fully insured.

Lots can be submitted to the addresses below:

Nico De Fauw
Fonteinbos 36
9300 Aalst
tel +32 (0)488 99 84 10
Nathan Vilar
Jan Yoensstraat 2
9800 Deinze
tel +32 (0)496 73 60 81

Shipping / Collection if not physically brought in

If your artwork was sold at auction, but was not brought in, you are responsible for the shipment or possible collection by the buyer. If applicable, you will receive an email from, in which you are requested to send the sold artwork to the buyer or to inform him about the collection.


The sold lots will be paid to you 28 days after the works with a sales commission of 15% on the hammer price. The payment of your sold lot is always made by bank transfer.

Unsold Goods

Unsold goods can be relisted after approval.When a reserve price has been set, you will be asked to decrease the reserve price. Works that have not been sold and that have been brought in can always be picked up again.

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