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Wim De Wispelaere

Puppet game

Wim De Wispelaere - Puppet gameWim De Wispelaere - Puppet game

Puppeteer Wim De Wispelaere was proclaimed ambassador of the Gensche Leute in 2014. He received a Ghent dragon. ,I already have one, I hope those two don't fight, like the cuberdons', says Wim De Wispelaere. The title of ambassador and honorary ambassador of the Gensche Leute is awarded by the Ghesellen van de Gensche Leute. This is an association of Gentenaars who attach great importance to humor and fun, under the inspiration of Frans Babbelaar, who also presented the closing show.

Wim De Wispelaere jumped with joy like a child: ,I was already proud that I was nominated, I did not expect that I would win, but I am glad that people apparently opted for a different genre; I am proud that we still perform live puppet shows, in Ghent. I actually owe this title to both my parents: without them I wouldn't be there and the Royal Poppentoneel Festival wouldn't exist either.' De Wispelaere doesn't work alone: ​​his wife, daughter and future son-in-law also participate in the productions.

(text Rudy Tollenare)


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