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Wim Claeys

Wim Claeys

Wim Claeys - Wim ClaeysWim Claeys - Wim Claeys

Wim Claeys (Ghent, April 15, 1972) is a Belgian musician and comedian. He is the driving force behind the Ghent singing state and, until 2008, also of the Boombals.

In 1997 he started as a diatonic accordion teacher in Ghent, Brussels and Sint-Niklaas. On June 30, 1998, he retired from mathematics to become a full-time musician and music teacher. He organizes internships and workshops as artistic director of, among others, Flanders Ethno in Tervuren. In 1999 he started an annual accordion internship in folk club 't Eynde in Belsele and formed the duo Claeys-Laloy with Didier Laloy. This formation grew into the trekzak group Tref with also Bruno Le Tron and Frédéric Malempré on percussion and won the Klara music prize in 2001 for the debut album 'Accordéon diatonique'.

In 2000 Claeys organized folk dance with live music as a supplement to the accordion lessons, which grew into the widely supported boomballs. That same year he started the group GÖZE with Maarten Decombel. In 2001 he became studio coach and producer at Appel records of the records Dansend Folk, Jong Folk, and Jong Folk Fars. In 2002 he became an accordion teacher at the Municipal Academy of Music and Word in Ypres and organized the folk camp DoedelYouDo? in collaboration with Folkfestival Dranouter. In 2003 he became an independent artist in his main profession and launched the record label Kloef Music. In 2004 he became a guest teacher at the European Music Festival for Youth, where he worked with young people who previously played in classical ensembles. In 2005 he published a course book Learning to Draw When You Pushed Right in 100 Lessons. In 2007, he was commissioned by Youth and Music to create a teaching program for secondary education. He regularly plays solo and starts building bridges between folk and jazz with the group Harakiwi.


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