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Frederik Sioen


Frederik Sioen - SioenFrederik Sioen - Sioen

Sioen (stage name for Frederik Sioen) (Ghent, 14 July 1979) is a Flemish singer-songwriter.

As a child, Sioen studied music theory with his father (Philip Sioen) and studied classical music and flute at the Ghent academy. In the meantime he also followed African percussion with Chris Joris and later also flamenco percussion (cajon). In the early 1990s he attended the Don Bosco College in Zwijnaarde.

At the age of sixteen he auditioned as a singer with a Ghent rock group 'Medium' with which he gave his first performances. He soon started writing his own songs, first on guitar, but later on piano. The instrument gave him more opportunities to develop his own style, 'percussion with notes', as he called it. Under the impulse of good friend and his later manager Tom De Clercq, who had heard Frederik play the piano and sing at a party, he recorded his first demo 'S' in September 2000. A stage name was quickly chosen, 'Sioen' had been his nickname from an early age. Solo behind the piano, Sioen performed every performance that came his way and through rock rallies such as Debuutrock (laureate) and Oost-Vlaanderen Rockconcours (2nd finalist) and 100% Puur (Poppunt) there were more than 100 in the first 2 years and sold over 2000 demos. ďA voice twice his ageĒ was a phrase that recurred in every article.

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