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Sabien Clement

Sabien Clement

Sabien Clement - Sabien ClementSabien Clement - Sabien Clement

Sabien Clement (Kortrijk, January 18, 1978) is a Belgian illustrator of children's books.

After high school she studies Graphic and Illustrative Design at the Sint-Lucas Institute in Antwerp.

She graduated in 2000, after which she left for Poland for further education. She mainly made free work there, drew from models and was able to further develop her style, apart from imposed assignments. She got her first illustration assignment when she was back in Belgium. That became the drawings at Jij Lievert.

You sweetheart, a collection of poetry by Geert De Kockere, was published in 2002 and immediately received a Boekenpluim. The following books by Clement are also regularly awarded prizes. For the celebrated Linus by author Mieke Versyp, she works together with illustrator Pieter Gaudesaboos. Although their drawing style is radically different, the combination works. They receive the Golden Owl for it in 2008, and they do the exercise again in Eksternacht, which is aimed at young people and adults.

"Clement works sketching and searching. First she takes time to think and then put the ideas on paper Ė as if in a daze. She seeks and finds inspiration by browsing books from the past and wandering around old houses. She wants her illustrations to complement the story or poem and at the same time tell a distinctly individual story.She has no problem with style experiments.She likes to work with ballpoint pen, Chinese ink, acrylic paint, engravings, stencils... Despite this variety, her work very recognizable."[1]

Clement's books have been translated into French, Italian, Polish, German and Korean. In addition to her assignments in Flanders, she also works for magazines and publishers in the Netherlands, France and Switzerland.


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